The Exquisite Human Body

Enhancing human abilities. The exquisite human body. The following weeks we will introduce our guest speakers & our main topics! Medicine will meet the humanities and cutting-edge technology. While the topics cover different aspects, they all share the same core: a passionate appreciation for a tailored scientific approach towards perfection. Whether it is about chasing Olympic records by design, restoring hand functioning by ingenuity, investigating the vital intersection between art and surgery, optimizing scaffolds in regenerative medicine or simply trying to enhance everyday life by medical progress: we are ready to be amazed by the diverse set of inventions our physicians and researchers will bring.

Call for abstracts!

On behalf of the SUMMA Symposium Committee we are looking for enthusiastic masters and PhD students who would like to give a pitch about their research during our upcoming symposium ‘The Exquisite Human Body’ on June 19th 2018. For more information about the symposium, see the file ‘Information for pitch presentations – SUMMA Symposium’. For application, fill in the file ‘SUMMA_Symposium_abstract_call’ and send this to before April 30th 2018 and get selected for these short presentations. Further questions about the symposium or the pitches can also be send to this email address.

Most of the audience of the symposium will be graduate students looking for a research group. With these pitches we hope to inspire these young scientists to broaden their horizon and find their field of interest. Your particular knowledge and experience would enrich and inspire our audience to develop a further interest in your specific field. We need you to do that!

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Summa Symposium Board 2018

The faces of the SUMMA Symposium Board 2018. We hope you are as excited as we are about the SUMMA Symposium! theme: “The Exquisite Human Body”. The preparations are already in full swing. Whether you are into plastic surgery, regenerative medicine, prostheses, robotics, ethics, or whether you are simply interested in the role of perfection and groundbreaking research in medicine: this symposium covers it all. Stay tuned for more updates soon. Looking forward to welcome you all on the 19th of June via this website or on Facebook:
Your 2018 Symposium board,
Left to right: Leonie Abbink, Carolijn de Bresser, Lieke Wintermans, Lydia van der Sman, Sophie Everaars, Douwe Oostinga, Diederik Suurd, Mirthe van Erp, Daniel Podzimek.