The SUMMA Symposium is organized every year by a group of enthusiastic students. Since SUMMA is a graduate medicine course, which focuses both on clinical practice and fundamental research, the symposium aims at making a link between patient care and basic scientific inquiry.

The topic of the symposium changes every year and this time it will be Sex and Gender in Medicine.

The SUMMA symposium is meant to provide an interdisciplinary approach in relation to this topic. Speakers with different backgrounds will present their research and findings on this occasion, making for an interesting day and providing us with food for thought.

The way we’ve organised the symposium is that everyone can attend the first three plenary sessions and after lunch we will be dividing into smaller groups to then focus interests during two parallel sessions. For each parallel session, you will have the choice of three different speakers and their own topic of expertise. As the sessions will be held in smaller groups, they can be more interactive.